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Supports and encourages people with disabilities to become leaders in their own communities.


Center for Disability Leadership provides people with disabilities access to information and training, so that they may lead the lives they want. The Center offers training and information on:


What's New!

The Inclusion Project, a youth-led initiative, issued eleven mini-grants this year to support schools in organizing inclusion day events in their schools and communities. The Inclusion Project is funded through a grant provided by the Virginia Department of Education. Congratulations to the following awardees: 

  • Antietam Elementary School 
  • Barack Obama Elementary School
  • Bristol City Public Schools 
  • Carrol County High School
  • Dublin Middle School
  • Kenmore Middle School
  • Larkspur Middle School
  • Northumberland Middle School
  • Riverlawn Elementary School
  • Stone Spring and Waterman Elementary Schools
  • Wenonah Elementary School 

To learn more about each school’s inclusion day initiative, read the 2019 Inclusion Project Mini-Grant